1. John Watson Might Be a Psychopath

    After reading “The Wisdom of Psychopaths,” it’s starting to look like Watson might be one. He’s steady and focused in dangerous situations (even seeks them out), he’s fearless and highly focused, he can be charming and outwardly normal, and he has just a much of a tendency toward boredom as Sherlock, which is evident from the crack den scene in Season 3. If anything, Watson might be more dangerous than Sherlock since he’s more capable of fitting in with “normal” people and thereby having his darker personality fly by undetected.


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    Eponymovs By Hvrminn F/W 2014

    All about those hoops

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    ♥ мaυrιce & ѕнerlocĸ ♥

    "Dιd yoυ ever dreaм yoυ нad a ғrιend, ѕoмeone тo laѕт yoυr wнole lιғe?"

    "…ι don’т нave ғrιendѕ."

    LOL interesting pairing