2. 10:54 PM

    1. Sherlock : John. Get out of the flat now. SH
    2. John : Sorry?
    3. Sherlock : Immediate danger. Go. SH
    4. John : What's happening? Gas leak? Fire? Where are you?
    5. Sherlock : Not far. Do it now. SH
    6. John : OK. I'm out.
    7. John : Sherlock? I'm in the street. Do I have to call the cops?
    8. Sherlock : No need. You can go back up, thank you. SH
    9. John : Huh? What the hell?
    10. Sherlock : Estimation of your speed. In case of emergency. Needed you to pay attention. SH
    11. John : You're kidding me, right?
    12. Sherlock : No. Actually you're quite slow. SH
    13. John : Bloody fuck, Sherlock!
    14. Sherlock : We'll have to do it again. SH


  4. bbcsherlockheadcanon:

    Submission by Anonymous

    Love this


  5. nixxie-fic:

    Nawww… lots of piccies of ickle baby Mark Gatiss for Gatiss Wednesday. With added bonus of ickle Steve Pemberton & also a very Mycroft-like outfit in picture 5.

    OMG, he’s so cute

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